Teaching the Haitian Revolution in the Survey:

Table from the video:

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Additional Readings:

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Primary Source Documents:

Jean-Jacques Dessalines to the President of the United States [Thomas Jefferson], 23 June 1803, Series 1: General Correspondence. 1651-1827, Microfilm Reel: 028, The Thomas Jefferson Papers at the Library of Congress, Manuscript Division.

Dessalines to Jefferson_Page_4

In class exercise:

Ask your students to compare Dessalines’s letters to Thomas Jefferson (president of the US) and George Nugent (governor of Jamaica). He sent the letters on the same day and they are very similar, but there are important differences. Click below for the manuscript originals along with transcriptions and translations of each document.

Jean-Jacques Dessalines to the President of the United States [Thomas Jefferson], 23 June 1803.

Jean-Jacques Dessalines to the Governor of Jamaica [George Nugent], June 23 1803.