100 Years Later

To frame Julia Gaffield’s photos of the declaration here are several images and articles from the centennial. The first three are articles from the Port-au-Prince paper Le Soir. In preparing for the centennial Haiti’s intellectuals realized an original copy of the declaration could not be found in the National Archives. Thus, they made a call to locate it. These articles trace their research.

The fourth image is the final installment of a count down to 1 January 1904. Copies of Le Soir are at FIC Bibliothèque Haïtienne in Port-au-Prince.

28 Jan. 1903

28 Jan. 1903

29 Jan. 1903

29 Jan. 1903

18 June 1906

31 Dec. 1903

31 Dec. 1903

5 thoughts on “100 Years Later

  1. Has anyone done any research in Germany? Any clue as to whether the document that Geffrard allegedly sold to a German man still exists?

    • There was an essay on German reactions to the Haitian Revolution in the David Geggus volume in the international repercussions of the HR (Charleston) — you might check with the author of that essay?

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