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Trading with Saint-Domingue will be Punished by Death

After the evacuation of the French troops from the western side of the island at the end of  1803, a small contingent of French soldiers, under the leadership of Jean-Louis Ferrand, fled to the city of Santo Domingo on the eastern side of the…

Post-independence Cancellation of Plantation Leases

This is another broadside cataloged (TNA, MFQ 1/184) with the Declaration of Independence and I’m not exactly sure what it means. Dessalines cancels all baux-à-ferme (which I think translates as “fixed-term leases” but I’m not completely sure) on plantations. I suspect that this might…

Post-independence Labor and Migration Restrictions

This Ordinance is cataloged with the broadside version of the Declaration of Independence and it sheds light on some of the post-independence restrictions on mobility and plantation labor.

I Have Avenged America

The Haitian Declaration of Independence is characterized by violent rhetoric that brands the French as the eternal enemies of the Haiti. The Declaration also signals that the war against the French is not over since the “the name French overclouds our Country.” To help…

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